Character Designs for Personal Use

Rights & Terms of Use

DeeSketchs (Delia González)

• The moment the design is paid for in full, ownership of the character goes immediately to the buyer.
• After done, this payment(s) will not be refundable.

• When buying a design from me, you affirm that you're of legal age and don't need consent from an adult to make the payment(s) necessary.

• As the owner you can modify the original design as you please.
• You can use the design and art for private/personal purposes, such as getting commissions of it.
• You can use the design and art for non-profit creative projects.
• You can create your own art piece of this design and profit off the sales of that piece.

• However, unless you contact me to pay the licensing fee, you can not use this design or its original art for any other commercial purposes (examples: as a logo, a game character, a mascot of a commercial project, etc).
• In the same vein, you can not use this design or its original art in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.
• You can not claim to have created the original design's art, nor the original design itself.

• When sold, I do not have the right to use the design or its original art for personal or commercial creative projects.
• However, I retain all Intellectual Property Copyrights to the original design's art, as such, it can be used by me as a means to promote myself or as a portfolio piece.

• As stated above, the design you paid for is for personal use. If you're interested in purchasing it for commercial use, please contact me ([email protected]).

By sending payment, the buyer automatically agrees to the above terms.